International Conference on Complementarity Problems

Several M2ACS Pis participated to ICCP 2012: the International Conference on Complementarity Problems which was held between December 17 and December 21 in Singapore. Topics of the conference ranged from core and emergent areas of complementarity and variational problems to diverse application areas such as those in electricity and energy markets, signal processing for communication, contact problems in mechanics, and game theory and learning.

M2ACS PIs Mihai Anitescu, Michael Ferris, Todd Munson and Victor Zavala had several presentation from M2ACS topics or topics with which M2ACS interacts.

Mihai Anitescu: A compliant visco-plastic particle contact model based on differential variational inequalities

Michael Ferris: The price of energy storage.

Todd Munson: Formulation, degeneracy, and finite precision: lemkeā€™s method for strictly positive matrices

Victor Zavala: A scalable strategy for time-dependent parametric nonlinear programs