Math at a Glance

Research in Multifaceted Mathematics for Complex Energy Systems (M2ACS):

  • Addresses mathematics research related to the grand challenges of analysis, design, planning, maintenance, and operation of electrical energy systems and related infrastructure in the presence of rapidly increasingly complexity of the systems.
  • Focuses on four integrative multi-disciplinary mathematical areas:
    • Predictive modeling that accounts for uncertainty and errors,
    • Mathematics of decisions that allow hierarchical, data-driven and real-time decision making,
    • Scalable solution algorithms for optimization and dynamic simulation,
    • Integrative frameworks leveraging model reduction and multiscale analysis.
  • Mathematical aspects include: discrete and continuous optimization, dynamical systems, multi-level techniques, data-driven methods, graph-theoretical methods, and stochastic and probabilistic approaches for uncertainty and error.

    Multifaceted Mathematics Integrative Proces

  • The research is guided by an Integrative Mathematics Research Process within and among the multifaceted mathematics research focus areas that is guided by significance for and progress on a class of complex energy systems subchallenges
    • Integrated Energy Resource Planning under Sustainability Considerations,
    • Next-Generation Energy Delivery Architecture Design,
    • Real-time Interconnect-wide Monitoring and Predictive Operation,
    • Predictive Control of Cascading Blackouts and Real-Time ContingencyAnalysis.