Lake Geneva Power Grid Conference

The Modeling, Simulation, and Optimization for the 21st Century Electric Power Grid Conference was held in Lake Geneva, IL from October 21 through 25, 2012. The conference’s primary focus was on the modeling and simulation needs for existing and future power grid planning and operation. Talks on various topics ranging from day and hour-ahead markets, stochastic optimization, communication and control, dynamic stability, cascade outage analysis, geomagnetic disturbance analysis, etc., were presented by a mix of industry, academia, and national lab researchers. There were 4 talks presented by M2ACS team members:

  • Improving transmission asset utilization through advanced mathematics and computingHenry Huang
  • Stochastic market clearing: advances in computation and economic impacts-Victor Zavala
  • Scalable, parallel stochastic unit commitment for improved day-ahead and reliability operations-Jean-Paul Watson
  • Using PETSc as a testbed for developing and benchmarking parallel power system applications Shrirang Abhyankar