Advanced Grid Modeling (AGM) Workshop 2013

The workshop involved panels in 5 topics followed by a poster session and group discussions to establish a research roadmap for DOE-OE.

Mihai Anitescu and Zhenyu Huang were among the organizers of AGM13 organized by Gil Bindewald’s AGM program. They were both panelists and note takers, Victor Zavala moderated the Advanced Methods and Computation panel.

The panel topics were:

  • Advanced Grid Modeling Applications
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Advanced Mathematical Methods and Computation
  • Models and Simulation
  • Validation and Verification

In the Advanced Mathematical Methods, Mihai Anitescu presented the M2AC2S project. Henry Huang presented his dynamic simulation work in the Models & Simulation panels.

Victor Zavala and Mihai Anitescu presented posters. Victor presented a poster on his Early Career work and Mihai presented a poster describing the M2AC2S project.

In the group discussions, the following topics were identified as critical in the research agenda:

  • Dynamic State Estimation and Predictive Modeling
  • Parallel Algorithms for Dynamic Simulation
  • Stochastic and Mixed-Integer Optimization
  • Scalable Statistical Data Analysis
  • Visualization