Several MACS PIs and personnel were at INFORMS 2013 and had presentations there:

John Birge

  • Effects of Intermittent Resources on Investment
  • Relaxations for Stochastic Unit Commitment
  • Tutorial on Portfolio Optimization

Michael Ferris

  • Extended Mathematical Programming and Competitive Equilibrium
  • Synthesizing Wind Data to Integrate into Grid Planning and Policy Making Models

Jim Luedtke

  • Strengthened MILP Formulations for Indicator Activated Piecewise-linear Functions

Cosmin Petra

  • Real-time Optimization of Complex Energy Systems on High-performance Computers

Jean-Paul Watson

  • Stochastic Unit Commitment: Scalable Computation and Experimental Results
  • Upper and Lower Bounding Strategies with Progressive Hedging for Stochastic Unit Commitment