Advanced Grid Modeling Peer Review Meeting

The 2014 Advanced Grid Modeling Peer Review Meeting was held on June 17-18 in Alexandria, VA.  Several researchers presented:

Zhenyu HuangDynamic Paradigm for Grid Operations
Victor ZavalaPower Grid Optimization under Uncertainty: Formulations, Algorithms, and High-Performance Computing.
Shrirang G. Abhyankar had a poster for TSOPF.

Other collaborators of PIs that worked on related topics were:

Shrirang G. Abhyankar, Alexander FlueckHigh Fidelity, “Faster than Real-time” Simulator for Predicting Power System Dynamic Behavior
Zhenyu Huang: GridPACK, Bruce Palmer, PNNL, Henry Huang, PNNL

About the meeting: The meeting is a peer review of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability’s (OE) research and development activities related to advanced grid modeling. The peer review is open to the public and will bring together the world’s leaders working in the field.

About the program: The electric power industry has undergone extensive changes over the past several decades and become substantially more complex, dynamic, and uncertain, as new market rules, regulatory policies, and technologies have been adopted. The availability of more detailed data about system conditions from devices, such as phasor measurement units (PMUs) for wide area visibility and advanced meter infrastructure (AMI) for dynamic pricing and demand response, can be a great benefit for electric system reliability and flexibility. However, this large volume (and variety) of data poses its own challenges.

Shifting operational data analytics from a traditionally off-line environment to real-time situational awareness (e.g., visibility) to measurement-based, fast control will require significant advancements in algorithms and computational approaches. The Advanced Grid Modeling Research Program leverages scientific research in mathematics for application to power system models and software tools.