INFORMS Optimization Society Conference

Optimization has long been a cornerstone for advancement of various industrial, government, and military applications. To highlight and support the role of optimization in current advances, and to promote interaction between researchers, the INFORMS Optimization Society launched a bi-annual conference starting in 2006.

The fifth conference is to be hosted by the Rice University’s Department of Computational and Applied Mathematics in Houston, Texas on March 6-8, 2014. The theme of the conference is “Theory and Practice: Dealing with Big Data and other Challenges”.

Several MACS members attended the INFORMS Optimization Society Conference:

Jeff Linderoth
Strong MILP Formulations for Indicator-Activated Piecewise Linear Formulations

Jim Luedtke

Todd Munson
Benchmarking Optimization Algorithms for Phase Retrieval

Jean-Paul Watson
A New Mixed-Integer Lower Bond for Progressive Hedging

Victor Zavala
Structured NLP Solvers for Stochastic Optimization of Gas Networks