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Software Created by MACSER

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1. KernelMatrices

  • Description: Scalable Gaussian Process Computations using H Matrices
    Team: Mihai Anitescu
    Release Date: January 2019
    Access: bitbucket.org/cgeoga/kernelmatrices.jl

2. DLiDA

  • Description: Data assimilation package for Doppler Lidar data
    Team: Emil Constantinescu

3. EMP

  • Description: Open source interface for data modeling for economic modeling (WINDC) for usage on NEOS server.
    Team: Michael Ferris

4. Selkie

  • Description: New tools for distributed computation in an equilibrium setting.
    Team: Michael Ferris


  • Description: Extension of PATH solver for variational inequalities.
    Team: Michael Ferris

6. Plasmo

  • Description: Julia-based package for optimization modeling with graphs
    Team: Victor Zavala and Kibaek Kim
    Access: https://github.com/zavalab/Plasmo.jl

7. DSP

  • Description: Parallel software for decomposable mixed-integer programs
    Team: Kibaek Kim and Victor M. Zavala
    Release Date: May 2015
    Access: https://github.com/Argonne-National-Laboratory/DSP


  • Description: High-performance solver for structured nonlinear program
    Team: Cosmin Petra
    Access: https://github.com/Argonne-National-Laboratory/PIPS


  • Description: A toolkit for mixed-integer nonlinear optimization
    Team: Jim Luedtke (initial designer)
    Access: http://wiki.mcs.anl.gov/minotaur

10. HiOp

  • Description: HiOp is an optimization solver for solving certain mathematical opti- mization problems expressed as nonlinear programming problems.
    Team: Cosmin Petra
    Access: https://github.com/LLNL/hiop/blob/master/

11. PIPS

  • Description: Suite of HPC solver for stochastic programming
    Team: Cosmin Petra (LLNL), Miles Lubin (while at ANL), Naiyan Chiang (ANL), Victor Zavala (ANL)
    Release Date: October 2015
    Access: https://github.com/Argonne-National-Laboratory/PIPS


  • Fast distributed parallel propagation of moments using high order derivatives
    Team: Michel Schanen
    Access: https://gitlab.com/aduprop/aduprop

13. FlexJuMP

  • Description: A JuMP extension for analyzing and quantifying the flexibility of com- plex systems
    Team: Victor Zavala
    Access: https://github.com/pulsipher/FlexJuMP.jl

14. InfiniteOpt

  • Description: A JuMP extension for expressing and solving infinite dimensional opti- mization problems
    Team: Victor Zavala
    Access: https://github.com/zavalab/InfiniteOpt.jl

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Software Created by MACS

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Algorithm design, high-performance computing and advanced numerical simulations are at the core M2ACS mission. Below is a list of  software packages developed or supported by M2ACS.

1. Pyomo (various new extension / transformation packages)

  • Description: pyomo.dae, pyomo.bilevel, and pyomo.mpec
  • Team: Jean-Paul Watson, Bill Hart, Victor Zavala, Bethany Nicholson, John Siirola, Carl Laird, and Larry Biegler.
  • Release Date: 1 major release and multiple minor releases over the last 2 years. 4.4 released 8/23/16. 4.0 released 1/8/15.
  • Access: www.pyomo.org (github, pip, conda).

2. StructJuMP

  • Description: Framework for modeling large-scale structured optimization problems on parallel computing architectures
  • Team: Feng Qiang (ANL), Joey Huchette (MIT), Miles Lubin (MIT), Cosmin Petra (LLNL)
  • Release Date: June 2016
  • Access: https://github.com/StructJuMP

3. DMNetwork

  • Description: Parallel software for Network and Infrastructure simulation
  • Team: PETSc
  • Release Date: May 2015
  • Access: Part of PETSc distribution (http://www.mcs.anl.gov/petsc/)

4. DSP

5. Grappolo