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First LSST@Illinois Meeting:
The first LSST@Illinois informal get-together was held at Argonne National Laboratory on Thursday, May 30, 2013. More information about the meeting will appear shortly on this page.
Intro Talk: The introductory/welcome talk can be found here. And here’s the agenda.
Logistics: Instructions on how to get to Argonne can be found at the Lab’s Visiting Argonne page. When you get to the Northgate entrance, first pick up your badge at the Visitor Center (on your right, before the entrance gate), and then head for Building 240 (on your right past the entrance gate); there’s plenty of parking — see helpful maps.
Basic information about the LSST project can be found at the LSST website. A useful resource regarding LSST design, capabilities, and science reach is the LSST Science Book 2.0. Some parts of this document require updating and revision, but it is still the first place to go to. A colloquium-level ‘Guided Tour of the LSST Science Book’ can be found here.
LSST has a number of science collaborations. Applications are considered on an annual basis for astronomers or physicists that belong to non-LSST member institutions (this year, the last date was March 15). Scientists from an LSST member institution wishing to join a science collaboration may do so directly; the institutional LSST representatives are responsible for handling this process. More information about the science collaborations can be found here.
A more focused view of LSST in terms of its dark energy investigation capabilities is provided in the LSST Dark Energy Science Collaboration White Paper, which also provides a more recent take on the relevant topics in the Science Book. It is possible to apply for associate membership in the LSST DESC by filling out the LSST DESC Associate Membership Application Form.