Monday, November 18, 2019, afternoon session, room 506.
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2:00 Introduction, Awards nominations   [Slides]
2:10 Session 1: Algorithms: Chair: Tekin Bicer (ANL) — 25 minute talks

  1. Computational Strategies to Increase Efficiency of Gaussian-Process-Driven Autonomous Experiments
    Presenter: Marcus M. Noack (LBL)
  2. Scientific Image Restoration Anywhere
    Presenter: Vibhatha Abeykoon (Indiana University)
3:00 Coffee break
3:30 Session 1: Algorithms (continued)

  1. Distributed Global Digital Volume Correlation by Optimal Transport
    Presenter: J. Michael L. MacNeil (LBNL)

Session 2: Infrastructure: Chair: Arjun Shankar (ORNL) — 25 minute talks

  1. Sparse Data Management in HDF5
    John Mainzer (HDF)
  2. Data Processing at the Linac Coherent Light Source
    Presenter: Jana Thayer (Stanford)
  3. Balsam: Near Real-time Experimental Data Analysis on Supercomputers
    Presenter: Michael A. Salim (ANL)
5:10 Panel: Moderator: Robert Clay (SNL),
Participants: Shantenu Jha (Rutgers), Stuart Campbell (BNL), Marcus Noack (LBL), Jana Thayer (Stanford), J. Michael L. MacNeil (LBNL)
5:25 Awards Ceremony
5:30 Adjournment