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ICS is the premier international forum for the presentation of research results in high-performance computing.  Register now.


Amir Khosrowshahi: CTO of the Artificial Intelligence group at Intel
Long Wang: Senior Systems Engineer at Baidu in Deep Learning
The venue of the conference is the Northwestern Pritzker School of Law (Rubloff Aspen Hall), in Chicago Downtown.
The conference will include results from the following topics:

  • Computer architecture and hardware, including multicore, manycore and multiprocessor systems from small to very large scales, components in such systems such as accelerators, memory systems, storage architectures, interconnection networks at various levels, and heterogeneous systems;
  • Programming and execution models for high-performance computing, including new paradigms, languages, task creation and specification models, domain-specific language/programming support;
  • Static and dynamic compilation: optimization techniques to exploit all aspects of high performance architectures and auto-tuning techniques;
  • Runtime and system software support for high-performance computing, including task and resource management at chip-level, cluster-level, up to the level of large-scale academic/commercial computing service infrastructure, debugging, fault-tolerance, power/energy management, file systems, and performance evaluation/monitoring
  • New computational algorithms and their applications for high performance computing systems.
  • Workload characterization empirical studies especially those on new scientific and commercial applications that pose significant challenges, and studies of highly experimental real systems.
  • Data intensive high performance computing: system support, algorithm design and application development for high performance computing that deal with large-scale collected data sets.