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Building ROMIO's Lustre driver

June 12th, 2015
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When building the Lustre ADIO driver, one might run into a few problems.

  • caddr_t problems: 

    (” /usr/include/sys/quota.h:221: error: expected declaration specifiers or ‘…’ before ‘caddr_t'”)

    caddr_t is an old BSD-ism

  • ‘FASYNC’ undeclared:

    another old BSD-ism

  • ‘struct lov_user_md_v1’ has no member named ‘lmm_stripe_offset’

    recent versions of lustre moved this member into an anonymous union.
    These errors only show up when --enable-strict is selected.  MPICH is considering updating --enable-strict to allow for c99 and maybe even c11 features.  That would allow anonymous unions to work, but the FASYNC and caddr_t references are still going to cause issues.  Looks like you will have to build your Lustre-enabled ROMIO without --enable-strict.

    gpfs, lustre