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Quobyte file system

October 6th, 2020

I don’t have a lot of first-hand experience with the Quobyte file system but the developers contributed a file system driver for ROMIO, making them my new best friends. https://www.quobyte.com/product

I think a lot about how to converge the worlds of HPC storage and data center storage. Looks like this new ROMIO driver might be a small step in that convergence.

Note to anyone out there considering a ROMIO driver — I’ll accept just about any contribution . ROMIO drivers are self-contained and opt-in. Not much risk that a new ROMIO driver will break MPICH. All I need is a plausible case that the contributor will stick around for bugs and updates, and at least one user out there somewhere.

The quobyte file system will be in the next release of MPICH ( MPICH-3.4). Configure ROMIO with the --with-file-system=quobytefs+... flag (including other file system drivers you might want). You can explicitly request the quobyte driver at runtime (assuming ROMIO was configured to support it) with the ‘quobyte:’ prefix to your file name.


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