Room 708

9:00Introduction. Presenters: XLOOP chairs Nicholas Schwarz and Justin Wozniak.
9:10Session 1: Scientific Cases for Scalable Computing
Chair: Debbie Bard
9:10Full paper: Demonstrating Cross-Facility Data Processing at Scale With Laue Microdiffraction. Presenter: Michael Prince
9:30Full paper: Linking the Dynamic PicoProbe Analytical Electron-Optical Beam Line / Microscope to Supercomputers. Presenter: Alexander Brace
9:50Short talk: Speeding up charge exchange recombination spectroscopy analysis in support of NERSC/DIII-D realtime workflow. Presenter: Aarushi Jain
10:00Coffee break
10:30Session 1: Continued
10:30Short talk: DLSIA: Deep Learning for Scientific Image Analysis. Presenter: Eric Roberts (virtual)
10:40Full paper: Exploring Benchmarks for Self-Driving Labs using Color Matching. Presenter: Tobias Ginsburg
11:00Session 2: Novel Systems for Experimental Science
Chair: Christine Sweeney
11:00Full paper: Empowering Scientific Discovery Through Computing at the Advanced Photon Source. Presenter: Hannah Parraga
11:20Full paper: Cross-Facility Orchestration of Electrochemistry Experiments and Computations. Presenter: Anees Al-Najjar
11:40Full paper: Streaming Data from Experimental Facilities to Supercomputers for Real-Time Data Processing.
Presenter: SiniĊĦa Veseli
12:00Short talk: Workflows are the New Applications. So What? Presenter: Rangan Sukumar
12:10Short talk: DevOps Approaches for Interconnected Science Ecosystems. Presenter: Marshall McDonnell
12:20Awards ceremony. Presenters: XLOOP chairs.