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ROMIO changes in MPICH-3.1.3

October 8th, 2014

The MPICH team released 3.1.3 on October 8th.  Here are the main new ROMIO-related things in this release (not everything: just the highlights):
– Fix for an unfortunate bug in which I could end up storing too big a value into an Info parameter, causing a crash at larger core counts.
– The MPI-3 type HINDEXED_BLOCK was only nominally supported, and in a buggy way at that.  now HINDEXED_BLOCK will work.
– some fixes for very large file accesses
– improvements to the “deferred open” optimization — now defers the open call in more situations
– a small reduction in number of system calls used to process “systemwide hints
– some improvements to Blue Gene specific routines.


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