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New ROMIO features in MPICH-3.3

December 3rd, 2018

It has been a while since the last official MPICH release, but shortly before US Thanksgiving, the MPICH team released MPICH-3.3.
ROMIO’s most noteworthy changes include

  • wholesale reformatting of all the code to the same coding styles. Sorry about your fork or branch.
  • use the MPL utility library already used in MPICH. Eliminates a lot of duplicated code
  • We started analyzing the code with Coverity. It found “a few” things for us to fix. Valgrind found a few things too.
  • Internal datatype representation (the “flattened” representation) now stored as an attribute on the datatype and not in an internal global linked list.
  • continued work to make ROMIO 64 bit clean
  • Deleted a bunch of unused file system drivers
  • Added DDN’s ‘IME’ driver.
  • Warn if a file view voilates the MPI-IO rule “monotonically non-decreasing file offsets”
  • added support for Lustre lockahead optimization


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