ASCR investments in scientific data R&D

ASCR recently announced $11.4M in new research projects in the area of management and storage of scientific data. We’re fortunate to be a part of two of these new activities. I’m leading one with colleagues at Los Alamos and Carnegie Mellon looking at smart devices and elasticity, while Line Pouchard of Brookhaven is leading another looking at managing provenance data and improving reproducibility of workflows using HPC resources. The former continues the thread of research in our Mochi activity, while the latter will leverage both Mochi and Darshan technologies.

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Article about me in ASCR Discovery!

ASCR Discovery is a nice source of information about the work that the DOE Office of Advanced Scientific Computing Research. They were recently kind enough to write an article about my career and some of the projects I’m fortunate to be involved with. It’s been a great experience so far!

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I received the E.O. Lawrence Award!

The Lawrence Award is a mid-career award for exceptional R&D in service of Dept. of Energy mission. I’m deeply honored to receive this award, particularly given how many excellent researchers I know personally within the DOE community. Thanks to all my colleagues who have made this possible, and my family for supporting me throughout my career.

The ceremony was held online (COVID), which was surreal, but the honor and excitement is the same. I’ll have to keep an eye out for my fellow laureates when we’re traveling again!

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SciDAC RAPIDS Institute Renewed

The SciDAC RAPIDS Institute, along with our sibling Institute FASTMath, has been renewed for a new five-year term under SciDAC-5. RAPIDS and FASTMath continue to serve important roles in connecting science teams with computer scientists and applied mathematicians and developing new technologies to aid in their work.

Both Institutes have incorporated additional AI capabilities into their portfolios in recognition of the importance of this growing area, while RAPIDS retains capabilities to assist in adapting to new platforms, managing scientific data, and visualizing and analyzing large volumes of scientific data.

I’m incredibly excited to continue to lead this talented team with my co-lead Lenny Oliker.

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Mochi data services article published

If you have been tracking the activities of our team, you’re aware that we’ve been working in the area of distributed data services for some time, along with colleagues at Los Alamos, Carnegie Mellon, and the HDF Group. Under the name Mochi, we’ve been working towards a methodology and set of components for constructing these services in a way that is productive to develop, very flexible, and high performing on modern hardware.

I’m very excited that an overview of this activity was recently published in the Journal of Computer Science and Technology, and I hope the paper will help others understand both the scope of challenges and our contributions in this area.

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Storage Systems and I/O Report (again!)

As I mentioned in a prior post, back in September 2018 I had the opportunity to lead a second workshop to discuss storage systems and I/O as relates to the DOE mission. ASCR has posted the report on the OSTI web site. I really appreciate that so many of my colleagues were willing and able to spend their time and energy participating in this activity, and I think the outcome is very informative.

Many thanks to Lucy Nowell for sponsoring the meeting and to Laura Biven for helping shepherd the report to completion.

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Storage and I/O Research Opportunities

Back in September I had the opportunity to lead a second workshop to discuss storage systems and I/O as relates to the DOE mission. Recently I presented a summary of the findings from this workshop to ASCAC, who advises DOE on topics related to ASCR.

With increasing heterogeneity in systems and in the workflows of DOE science and mission teams, there are many opportunities for CS research to contribute to more effective solutions than are available today. I’m hopeful that my team, my collaborators, and I will be able to continue our work in this important area.

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SciDAC PI Meeting presentation on RAPIDS

At the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing Principal Investigator (SciDAC PI) Meeting I presented an overview of the RAPIDS Institute. This presentation summarizes the capabilities in the Institute as well as serving as a “map” to points of contact for the technologies we can provide to DOE scientists.

This is the first PI meeting since we were established, so it’s an exciting chance for us to meet with the science teams and learn about their challenges and how we might assist them.

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RAPIDS SciDAC Institute Announced

Barb Helland, Associate Director of Advanced Scientific Computing Research, announced the formation of the RAPIDS Institute as part of her presentation to ASCAC.

The objective of RAPIDS is to assist Office of Science (SC) application teams in overcoming computer science and data challenges in the use of DOE supercomputing resources to achieve science breakthroughs. To accomplish this objective, the Institute will solve computer science and data technical challenges for SciDAC and SC science teams, work directly with SC scientists and DOE facilities to adopt and support our technologies, and coordinate with other DOE computer science and applied mathematics activities to maximize impact on SC science. I’m serving as Director of RAPIDS, with Lenny Oliker serving as Deputy Director and many talented researchers contributing their skills. See the web site for more information.

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2016 Greater Chicago Area Systems Research Workshop (GCASR)

The Greater Chicago Area Systems Research Workshop (GCASR) grew to 350 attendees from university and industry last year, bringing together the top systems researchers and industry technologists in the Chicago area. This year promises to be bigger and better!

Where: University of Chicago’s Logan Center
When: Wednesday, April 27, 2016

20 Expert speakers also present on leading technology and research on data science, deep learning and graphics hardware, cloud and data centers, security and reliability, scalable computing systems, and more!


  • William J. Dally (Chief Scientist and SVP of Research at NVIDIA)
  • Michael J. Franklin (Berkeley AMPLab Director and Professor, future CS Chair, UChicago)

Other Highlights:

  • 10 Top Academic research presentations from University of Chicago, Northwestern University, Illinois Institute of Technology, Purdue University, University of Illinois, University of Michigan, and University of Wisconsin
  • 9 Top Industry expert speakers from Argonne, EMC, Fermilab, Google, Groupon, HP, Huawei, Intel, and KCG
  • 70 student research posters about leading research projects at Chicago/Midwest universities

Thanks to our sponsors: KCG, EMC, Intel, Chicago Innovation Exchange, and UChicago CERES Center.

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