I’ve listed a few of the team’s more popular papers below, along with a link to Google to help find an electronic version. For a (mostly) complete list, please see my Google Scholar page¬†or my vita.

  • P. Carns, W. Ligon, R. Ross, and R. Thakur. PVFS: A parallel file system for Linux clusters. Proceedings of the 4th USENIX Atlanta Linux Showcase and Conference. Atlanta, GA. October, 2000.
    This paper is the best reference for PVFS, even though it discusses the prior architecture; there is no good reference for PVFS2.
  • P. Carns, R. Latham, R. Ross, K. Iskra, S. Lang, and K. Riley. 24/7 characterization of petascale I/O workloads. Proceedings of the 1st Workshop on Interfaces and Abstractions for Scientific Data Storage (IASDS). New Orleans, LA. September, 2009.
    This paper introduces Darshan and describes its internals.