SF15 Main

The Santa Fe topical workshop for 2015 (July 12 РJuly 25) will concentrate on recent developments in cosmology, especially those related to current and expected observational advances, including the cosmic microwave background, large-scale structure, galaxies and clusters, dark matter and dark energy, and the early universe. The format will emphasize discussion with some formal pedagogical review and related talks as appropriate. Generally speaking we would like to reserve the largest fraction of the day for discussion and informal meeting. To encourage this informality and discussion, attendance will be limited to about 60 participants.
The workshop will be held at St. John’s College, a pleasant and prestigious campus situated in the hills east of downtown Santa Fe. (For help with St. John’s information regarding this meeting go to the St. John’s Conference Services webpage.) This meeting is part of an annual series of workshops on cosmology, first started in 1999. It has been co-organized by staff members at Argonne National Laboratory, Fermilab, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, the University of California, Berkeley, Los Alamos National Laboratory, the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, the University of California, Davis, and Yale University.