The best way to get to the Santa Fe area (usually) is to fly to Albuquerque. (It is possible to fly directly to Santa Fe, but you should look into possible cost and schedule disadvantages.) Santa Fe is approximately a one-hour drive from the Albuquerque airport. If driving, exit the airport taking I-25 north. To get to the plaza area exit I-25 at the St. Francis street exit and follow the signs. Directions to the St. John’s campus are given at the SF15 Location page. Shuttle service from the Albuquerque airport is also available on a regular basis. We recommend the Sandia Shuttle from the Albuquerque airport. The phone numbers are 505 474 5696 in Santa Fe and 888 775 5696 (toll free) (their webpage has the schedule and allows on-line reservations). We will be happy to help participants with their travel arrangements, email sf12[at] for help. Please note that travel support for participants will not be available.
Foreign visitors who need letters to help with visa applications should get in touch with us as early as possible.