SF13 Archive

The list of participants will be continuously updated. If you have registered and after a few days your name does not appear here, send email to sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov. In the table, the numbers within parentheses refer to the particular weeks the participant is staying at the workshop, e.g., (X/?/3) means the person is not staying for the first week, has not yet decided whether he/she wishes to stay for the second week or is on a waiting list for that week, and is scheduled to be present for the third week. If you need to make changes, please re-register and/or send email to sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov. Note that partial week attendance is not possible. Stays are (strictly) defined by the following: Week 1 (Arrival 30 June – Departure 6 July), Week 2 (Arrival 7 July – Departure 13 July), and Week 3 (Arrival 14 July – Departure 20 July). If confused, send email to sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov.

Susmita Adhikari [Illinois (X/2/3)] Shadab Alam [Carnegie Mellon (1/2/3)]
Arka Banerjee [Illinois (X/2/3)] Kyle Barbary [Argonne (X/2/X)]
Suman Bhattacharya [Chicago/Argonne (X/2/X)] Rahul Biswas [Argonne (1/2/3)]
Lindsey Bleem [Argonne (1/2/3)] Konstantin Borozdin [Los Alamos (1/X/3)]
Nicolas Canac [UC Irvine (1/2/3)] Liang Cao [NAOC (1/2/3)]
Chris Carilli [NRAO (X/X/3)] David Cline [UCLA (X/2/3)]
H. Cynthia Chiang [Kwa-Zulu-Natal (X/2/X)] Adam Christopherson [Nottingham (X/2/3)]
Chun Yin Ricky Chue [Illinois (1/2/3)] Marcus Cohen [New Mexico State (1/X/X)]
Francis-Yan Cyr-Racine [JPL/Caltech (X/2/3)] Wei Du [Peking (1/2/3)]
Tim Eifler [UPenn (X/2/3)] Wenjuan Fang [Illinois (1/2/3)]
Muhammad Farooq [Kansas State (1/2/3)] Hal Finkel [Argonne (X/2/X)]
Brent Follin [UC Davis (X/2/X)] Nicholas Frontiere [UChicago/Argonne (1/2/3)]
Eda Gjergo [Argonne (1/2/X)] Ben Gutierrez [Argonne (1/2/3)]
Salman Habib [Argonne (1/2/3)] James Harding [Los Alamos (X/2/X)]
Katrin Heitmann [Argonne (1/2/3)] Aaron Hernley [UC Davis (X/2/X)]
Uriah Israel [Michigan (1/2/3)] Danny Jacobs [Arizona State (X/X/3)]
David Jacobs [Case Western (X/2/3)] Thomas Jacques [Arizona State (X/2/3)]
Arun Jayaraman [Carnegie Mellon (1/2/3)] Gerard Jungman [Los Alamos (1/2/3)]
Lloyd Knox [UC Davis (X/2/X)] Eve Kovacs [Argonne (X/2/X)]
Philipp Kronberg [Toronto/LANL (1/2/X)] Steve Kuhlmann [Argonne (X/2/X)]
Juliana Kwan [Argonne (X/X/3)] Ran Li [NAOC (1/2/3)]
Nan Li [Chicago/Argonne (1/2/3)] Zarija Lukic [LBNL (1/2/X)]
Xiangkun Liu [Peking (1/2/3)] Wentao Luo [Shanghai (1/2/3)]
Marius Millea [UC Davis (X/2/X)] Azadeh Moradinezhad [SUNY Buffalo (X/2/X)]
Steven Myers [NRAO (1/2/3)] Ross O’Connell [Carnegie Mellon (X/2/3)]
Anatoly Pavlov [Kansas State (1/2/3)] Adrian Pope [Argonne (1/2/X)]
Devon Powell [Stanford (1/2/3)] John Pretz [Los Alamos (1/X/X)]
Anthony Pullen [JPL (X/2/3)] Ben Richard [UC Davis (X/2/X)]
Paul Ricker [Illinois (1/2/3)] Eduardo Ruiz [Michigan (1/2/X)]
Andrew Scacco [UC Davis (X/2/X)] Daniel Shafer [Michigan (1/2/X)]
Sergei Shandarin [Kansas (X/2/3)] Jonathan Sievers [Princeton/UKZN (X/2/X)]
Casey Stark [UC Berkeley (X/2/X)] Kyle Story [Chicago (X/2/X)]
Amol Upadhye [Argonne (1/2/3)] Vedat Ural [Michigan (1/2/3)]
Alberto Vallinotto [LBNL (X/2/X)] Xin Wang [Johns Hopkins (X/2/X)]
Yiran Wang [Illinois (X/X/3)] Lin Yang [Johns Hopkins (1/2/X)]
Mijin Yoon [Michigan (1/2/3)] Lizhi Xie [NAO (1/2/3)]
Fangzhou Zhu [Yale (1/X/X)]

Foreign participants who need help with visa issues should contact sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov as soon as possible.
All of the talks will be held in the Junior Common Room in the Peterson Student Center, except a few talks perhaps in the Senior Common Room (see the SF13 Location page for more information). All morning talks will begin at 9:30. Since questions are encouraged during the review talks we expect these to take longer than a typical seminar — we will take a 15 minute break about 45 minutes into the review. The review talks should finish up by 11:15 allowing time for informal discussion before lunch.
After lunch, we will begin at 1:00 with two technical talks of roughly 30 minutes each, and including time for discussion these should be done by 2:30. The short talks and directed discussion sessions begin at 3:00 and go on till the participants are exhausted (hopefully this will happen around 5:00 or so).
Following the practice established in SF99, there will typically be no talks on Wednesdays and Fridays will be half-days (morning only). However, for SF13, the first week is a little different because of the July 4 holiday; the roles of Wednesday and Friday are switched (see week 1 schedule below).
Note: Talk on Wednesday morning and full-day Friday for week 1
Ran Li (Galaxy-Galaxy Lensing)Wenjuan Fang (Non-Gaussianity)Planning Meeting Amol Upadhye (Perturbation Theory)Wentao Luo (Weak Lensing)Student Intros N/AN/AN/A Zarija Lukic (Ly-alpha Forest Simulations)Nick Frontiere (GPUs for N-body Simulations)Very Short Talks/Discussion (Xie, Gjergo, Shafer, Ruiz)

Week 1 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 1 Lindsey Bleem (Clusters, SPT+Optical)
Tue, July 2 John Pretz (HAWC)
Wed, July 3 Phil Kronberg (Magnetic Fields in the Universe)
Fri, July 5 Paul Ricker (Diffusive Radio Emission from Clusters)
Week 2 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 8 Lloyd Knox (Planck Review) Marius Millea (Planck Parameters) Kyle Story (SPT Results) Student Intros
Tue, July 9 Jon Sievers (ACT) Suman Bhattacharya (CMB: SZ Bispectrum) Cynthia Chiang (SPIDER) Very Short Talks/Discussion
Thu, July 11 David Cline (DM Detection: Low-Mass WIMPS) Hal Finkel (Early Universe: Relics of Preheating after Inflation) Adam Christopherson (Isocurvature Perturbations and Reheating) Very Short Talks/Discussion (Harding, Stark, Wang)
Fri, July 12 Alberto Vallinotto (Cross-Correlations) N/A N/A
Week 2 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 15 Sergei Shandarin (The Cosmic Web) Ross O’Connell (BAO in Cross-Correlations) Juliana Kwan (Emulation/HODs) Student Intros
Tue, July 16 Chris Carilli (Reionization) Anthony Pullen (CO Intensity Mapping) Danny Jacobs (PAPER Results) Short Talks (Jagannathan + TBD)
Thu, July 18 Steve Myers (VLA Sky Surveys); Dale Frail (Fast and Slow Radio Transients) Chris Carilli (COSMOS Surveys) Steve Myers (VLA Sky Surveys Contd.) Discussion (Radio/Synoptic Surveys); Short Talks (Cyr-Racine)
Fri, July 19 Tim Eifler (Cosmology with Future Wide-Field Imaging Surveys) Salman Habib (HACCing the Universe) [Just after Tim’s talk] N/A