SF Archives

The Archives pages provide a historical record of the Santa Fe Cosmology Summer Workshops that have been ongoing since 1999. The workshops cover most aspects of the field although the focus tends to follow “hot topics” in physical cosmology. They are characterized by a combination of pedagogical reviews, presentation of recent results, discussions, and providing plenty of time for collaborative activities. Informality and ease of interaction are hallmarks of SF meetings. The current workshops are definitely slanted towards the younger generation: a typical SF attendance list is a third graduate students, another third postdocs, and a third faculty. There is usually a good sprinkling of foreign attendees.
Originally the workshops were primarily supported by Los Alamos National Laboratory and its Divisions and associated Institutes. NSF provided support from 2001 to 2011 through the University of Chicago (later the KICP). Starting from 2012, primary support for the workshop came through Argonne and Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratories.
The primordial organizers were Salman Habib and Gerard Jungman (T-8, LANL), Scott Dodelson and Josh Frieman (Fermilab), and Warner Miller (LANL, T-6).
More archival pages will continue to be added.