The list of participants will be continuously updated. If you have registered and after a few days your name does not appear here, send email to sf12[at]
In the table, the numbers within parentheses refer to the particular weeks the participant is staying at the workshop. Additionally, an X in the parentheses means the person is not staying for that week, and a ? means he/she has not yet decided whether to stay for the week or is on a waiting list for that week.
If you need to make changes, please re-register and/or send email to sf12[at] Note that partial week attendance is not possible. Stays are (strictly) defined by the following: Week 1 (Arrival 12 July – Departure 18 July), and Week 2 (Arrival 19 July – Departure 25 July). If confused, send email to sf12[at]

Simone Aiola [Pittsburgh (1/2)] Mehmet Alpaslan [NASA Ames (1/2)]
Camille Avestruz [Yale (1/2)] Rahul Biswas [Washington (1/X)]
Sebastian Bocquet [LMU Munich (1/2)] Chris Carilli [NRAO (X/2)]
Hillary Child [Chicago (1/2)] Miyoung Choi [UT Dallas (X/2)]
Joseph Coleman [UT Dallas (X/2)] Sara Crandall [Kansas State (1/2)]
JD Emberson [CITA (1/X)] Hal Finkel [Argonne (1/X)]
Dale Frail [NRAO (X/2)] Nicholas Frontiere [Argonne/Chicago (1/2)]
Henry Gebhardt [Penn State (1/2)] Salman Habib [Argonne (1/2)]
Katrin Heitmann [Argonne (1/2)] Danny Jacobs [Arizona State (X/2)]
Arun Jayaraman [CMU (1/2)] Gareth Jones [NMT (X/2)]
Gerard Jungman [LANL (1/2)] Doyeon Kim [UC Berkeley (1/2)]
Lindsay King [UT Dallas (X/2)] Dritan Kodra [Pittsburgh (1/2)]
Matthew Kolopanis [Arizona State (X/2)] Danila Korytov [Chicago (1/2)]
Savvas Koushippas [Brown (1/X)] Philipp Kronberg [Toronto (1/2)]
Juliana Kwan [Penn (1/2)] Brandyn Lee [UT Dallas (X/2)]
Nan Li [Argonne/Chicago (1/2)] Yinghe Lu [UIUC (1/2)]
Zarija Lukic [LBNL (1/X)] Marius Lungu [Penn (1/2)]
Wentao Luo [Shanghai (1/2)] Steven Myers [NRAO (1/2)]
Mark Neyrinck [Johns Hopkins (1/2)] Nikhil Padmanabhan [Yale (1/2)]
Kara Ponder [Pittsburgh (1/2)] Adrian Pope [Argonne (1/2)]
Annie Preston [UC Davis (1/X)] Steve Rangel [Argonne/Northwestern (1/2)]
Fernando Salviatto Zago [Pittsburgh (1/2)] Marcel Schmittfull [UC Berkeley/LBNL (X/2)]
Sukhdeep Singh [Carnegie Mellon (1/2)] Suzanne Staggs [Princeton (1/X)]
Tomomi Sunayama [Yale (1/2)] Amol Upadhye [Wisconsin (1/2)]
Antonio Villarreal [Pittsburgh (1/2)] Jonathan Ward [Penn (X/2)]
Di Wen [UIUC (1/2)] Wang Kei Wong [CMU (1/X)]
Jonathan Woodbury [UT Dallas (X/2)] Tsung-Han Yeh [UIUC (1/2)]

Foreign participants who need help with visa issues should contact sf12[at] as soon as possible.