SF12 Archive

SF12 Participants:
In the table, the numbers within parentheses refer to the particular weeks the participant is staying at the workshop, e.g., (X/?/3) means the person is not staying for the first week, has not yet decided whether he/she wishes to stay for the second week or is on a waiting list for that week, and is scheduled to be present for the third week. If you need to make changes, please re-register and/or send email to sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov. Note that partial week attendance is not possible. Stays are (strictly) defined by the following: Week 1 (Arrival 1 July – Departure 7 July), Week 2 (Arrival 8 July – Departure 14 July), and Week 3 (Arrival 15 July – Departure 21 July). If confused, send email to sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov.

Anwar AlMuhammad [UT San Antonio (X/2/3)] Donnino Anderhalden [Zurich (1/2/3)]
Camille Avestruz [Yale (X/2/3)] Deborah Bard [SLAC (X/2/3)]
Leslie Bartsch [Carnegie Mellon (1/2/X)] Adam Becker [Michigan (X/?/3)]
Matthew Becker [Chicago (X/2/3)] Rahul Biswas [Argonne (1/2/X)]
Konstantin Borozdin [Los Alamos (1/2/3)] Brandon Calabro [NMSU (X/2/X)]
Elliott Chen [St. John’s (1/2/3)] Joseph Clampitt [Penn (X/2/3)]
Joanne Cohn [UC Berkeley (X/2/3)] Charlie Conroy [UC Santa Cruz (X/X/3)]
Brian Crosby [Michigan State (1/2/3)] Antonio Cuesta [Yale (X/X/3)]
John Cunningham [Loyola (1/2/X)] Neal Dalal [Illinois (X/2/3)]
Sanghamitra Deb [Argonne (X/2/3)] Nathan Deg [Queen’s (1/2/3)]
Tommy Dessup [Carnegie Mellon (1/2/X)] Benedikt Diemer [Chicago (X/2/3)]
Ashley Disbrow [Carnegie Mellon (1/2/X)] Richard Epstein [New Mexico (1/X/X)]
Brandon Erickson [Michigan (1/2/X)] Bridget Falck [Johns Hopkins (1/X/X)]
Muhammad Farooq [Kansas State (1/2/3)] Yu Feng [Carnegie Mellon (1/2/3)]
Nicholas Frontiere [ANL/LANL/UCLA (1/2/3)] Geza Gyuk [Adler Planetarium (X/2/3)]
Salman Habib [Argonne (1/2/3)] Katrin Heitmann [Argonne (1/2/3)]
Colin Hill [Princeton (1/2/X)] David Jacobs [Case Western (1/2/X)]
Thomas Jacques [Arizona State (1/2/X)] Bhuvnesh Jain [Penn (X/X/3)]
Jarrett Johnson [Los Alamos (1/2/3)] Gerard Jungman [Los Alamos (1/2/3)]
Ryan Keisler [Chicago (X/2/X)] Eve Kovacs [Argonne (X/2/X)]
Jan Kratochvil [Miami (1/2/3)] Steve Kuhlmann [Argonne (1/X/X)]
Juliana Kwan [Argonne (X/X/3)] Ran Li [NAO Beijing (1/2/3)]
Nan Li [NAO Beijing (1/2/3)] Adam Lidz [Penn (X/X/3)]
Weipeng Lin [SAO Shanghai (1/X/X)] Eric Linder [UC Berkeley (X/X/3)]
Zarija Lukic [LBNL (X/X/3)] Yinzhe Ma [British Columbia (1/2/3)]
Morgan May [BNL (X/2/X)] Nuala McCullagh [Johns Hopkins (1/X/X)]
Azadeh Moradinezhad [SUNY Buffalo (1/2/3)] Steven Myers [NRAO (1/2/3)]
Nikhil Padmanabhan [Yale (X/X/3)] Anatoly Pavlov [Kansas State (1/2/3)]
Sohyun Park [Florida (1/2/3)] Aurelie Penin [LAM Marseille (1/2/X)]
Carolyn Peruta [Michigan State (1/2/3)] Adrian Pope [Argonne (1/2/3)]
Paul Ricker [Illinois (1/2/3)] Eduardo Rozo [KICP/Chicago (X/2/3)]
Eduardo Ruiz [Michigan (X/2/3)] Eray Sabancilar [Arizona State (1/2/X)]
Evan Schneider [Arizona (X/2/3)] Alexia Schulz [Los Alamos (1/2/3)]
Daniel Shafer [Michigan (X/2/3)] Casey Stark [UC Berkeley (X/2/3)]
Tomomi Sunayama [Yale (X/X/3)] Alberto Vallinotto [Los Alamos (1/2/3)]
Amol Upadhye [Argonne (1/2/X)] Vinu Vikraman [Penn (1/X/X)]
Lan Wang [NAO Beijing (1/2/3)] Qiao Wang [NAO Beijing (X/2/3)]
Doug Watson [KICP/Chicago (X/X/3)] Martin White [UC Berkeley/LBNL (X/2/3)]
Hao Xu [Los Alamos (X/X/3)] Xiaohu Yang [SAO Shanghai (1/X/X)]
Alan Zablocki [Chicago (X/2/3)] Yuanyuan Zhang [Michigan (1/2/3)]

SF12 Schedule:
All of the talks will be held in the Junior Common Room in the Peterson Student Center, except a few talks perhaps in the Senior Common Room (see the SF12 Location page for more information). All morning talks will begin at 9:30. Since questions are encouraged during the review talks we expect these to take longer than a typical seminar — we will take a 15 minute break about 45 minutes into the review. The review talks should finish up by 11:15 allowing time for informal discussion before lunch.
After lunch, we will begin at 1:00 with two technical talks of roughly 30 minutes each, and including time for discussion these should be done by 2:30. The directed discussion sessions begin at 3:00 and go on till the participants are exhausted (hopefully this will happen around 5:00 or so).
Following the practice established in SF99, there will be no talks on Wednesdays and Fridays will be half-days.
A new(ish) feature is the reorganization of Week 3 around a topical workshop, for SF12 we will focus on computational methods in cosmology. For more on this see below (week 3 schedule).
Bridget Falck [Indra Simulations]Weipeng Lin [Baryonic Effects on the Matter Distribution]  Lan Wang [Modified Star Formation in SAMs]Aurelie Penin [Models of Clustering]Directed Discussion [TBA] Rahul Biswas [Issues in Sn Cosmology]Katrin Heitmann [Nonparametric Reconstruction of the Dark Energy EOS]Machine Gun Talks [Colin Hill, Nuala McCullagh] N/AN/A

Week 1 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 2 Xiaohu Yang [Galaxy-Dark Matter Halo Connection-I, Galaxy-Dark Matter Halo Connection-2]
Tue, July 3 Steve Myers [Radio Cosmology]
Thu, July 5 Steve Kuhlmann [Sn Overview]
Fri, July 6 Vinu Vikraman/Amol Upadhye [Tests of Modified Gravity]
Week 2 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 9 Paul Ricker [Cluster Galaxies] Eray Sabancilar [Cosmic Strings]
Tue, July 10 Eduardo Rozo [Cluster Masses] Sanghamitra Deb [Cluster Lensing in the Era of Surveys] Ryan Keisler [SPT Results] Machine Gun Talks [Matthew Becker, Nathan Deg, David Jacobs, Azadeh Moradinezhad, Camille Avestruz]
Thu, July 12 Geza Gyuk [High-Energy Astro+VERITAS] Debbie Bard [Shear Peak Statistics] Thomas Jacques [The Search for Dark Matter] Machine Gun Talks [Benedikt Diemer, Omer Farooq, Yu Feng, Nan Li, Sohyun Park, Anatoly Pavlov]
Fri, July 13 Martin White [Redshift Space Distortions and the Growth of Cosmic Structure] N/A N/A

The schedule for the “Surveys and Simulations” workshop component of SF12 is given below. All talks will be 40+5 minutes. The morning session will begin at 9.30am and the afternoon session at 1.00pm. Afternoon discussion sessions will begin at 3.15pm.

Week 3 Morning 1 Morning 2 Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2 Afternoon Discussions
Mon, July 16 Joanne Cohn [Galaxy Clusters from a Different Point of View] Neal Dalal Eric Linder [CMB Polarization Impact on Cosmological Constraints] Salman Habib
Tue, July 17 Nikhil Padmanabhan Juliana Kwan Antonio Cuesta David Higdon
Wed, July 18 Adam Lidz Alexia Schulz N/A N/A N/A
Thu, July 19 Charlie Conroy Bhuvnesh Jain Donnino Anderhalden Zarija Lukic Matt Becker/Jan Kratochvil
Fri, July 20 Martin White Eduardo Rozo/Yinzhe Ma N/A N/A N/A