SF14 Archive

SF14 Participants:
In the table, the numbers within parentheses refer to the particular weeks the participant is staying at the workshop, e.g., (X/?/3) means the person is not staying for the first week, has not yet decided whether he/she wishes to stay for the second week or is on a waiting list for that week, and is scheduled to be present for the third week.
Alexandra Abate [Arizona (X/2/3)] Susmita Adhikari [UIUC (X/2/3)]
Jacobo Asorey [UIUC (X/X/3)] Camille Avestruz [Yale (X/2/X)]
Arka Banerjee [UIUC (X/2/3)] Florian Beutler [LBNL (1/2/X)]
Rahul Biswas [Argonne (1/2/3)] Lindsey Bleem [Argonne (1/X/X)]
James Bosch [Princeton (X/X/3)] Patrick Breysse [Johns Hopkins (1/X/X)]
Duncan Campbell [Yale (1/2/3)] Hsin-Yu Chen [Chicago (1/2/3)]
Chi-Ting Chiang [MPIA (X/2/X)] Ricky Chue [Illinois (1/2/3)]
David Cline [UCLA (1/2/3)] Joanne Cohn [UC Berkeley (X/2/3)]
Neal Dalal [UIUC (X/2/3)] Shany Danieli [Yale (X/2/X)]
Wei Du [Peking (1/2/3)] Francis Duplessis [Arizona State (1/2/X)]
Simone Ferraro [Princeton (X/X/3)] Hal Finkel [Argonne (1/2/3)]
Dale Frail [NRAO (X/X/3)] Geza Gyuk [Adler Planetarium (1/2/X)]
Salman Habib [Argonne (1/2/3)] Nick Hand [UC Berkeley (1/2/X)]
Katrin Heitmann [Argonne (1/2/3)] Daniel Holz [Chicago (1/2/3)]
Danny Jacobs [Arizona State (1/X/X)] Arun Jayaraman [CMU (1/2/3)]
Gerard Jungman [Los Alamos (1/2/3)] Alex Kim [LBNL (X/X/3)]
Matthew Kolopanis [Arizona State (1/2/X)] Jan Kratochvil [UKZN (1/2/3)]
Simon Krughoff [Washington (X/X/3)] Juliana Kwan [Argonne (X/2/X)]
Mark Lacy [NRAO (X/X/3)] Nan Li [KICP/Argonne (X/2/3)]
Zongge Liu [CMU (1/2/X)] Xiangkun Liu [Peking (1/2/3)]
Marilena Loverde [Chicago (X/2/X)] Zarija Lukic [LBNL (1/2/3)]
Daniel Margala [UC Irvine (1/2/X)] Nuala McCullagh [Johns Hopkins (X/2/X)]
Christopher Miller [Michigan (X/2/3)] Hossein Moghaddam [McGill (1/2/X)]
Tanmay Mudholkar [CMU (1/2/3)] Steven Myers [NRAO (1/2/3)]
Mark Neyrinck [Johns Hopkins (X/2/3)] Ross O’Connell [CMU (X/2/X)]
Yuuki Omori [McGill (1/2/X)] Keisuke Osumi [CMU (1/2/X)]
Nikhil Padmanabhan [Yale (X/2/X)] Anatoly Pavlov [Kansas State (1/2/3)]
Andrea Petri [Columbia (X/2/3)] Adrian Pope [Argonne (X/2/3)]
Meredith Powell [Yale (X/2/3)] Steve Rangel [Argonne/NU (X/2/3)]
Paul Ricker [UIUC (1/2/3)] Emmanuel Schaan [Princeton (X/X/3)]
Morag Scrimgeour [Waterloo (1/2/X)] Sergei Shandarin [Kansas (X/2/3)]
Christopher Sheehy [Chicago (1/2/X)] Gabrielle Simard [McGill (1/2/X)]
Yui Fai Siu [CMU (X/X/3)] Casey Stark [UC Berkeley (X/2/X)]
Aparna Venkatesan [USF (X/2/X)] Michal Vrastil [IoP ASCR (1/2/3)]
Pao-Yu Wang [Arizona State (1/2/X)] Martin White [UC Berkeley (X/2/3)]
Shuo Yuan [Peking (1/2/3)] Fangzhou Zhu [Yale (X/2/X)]



All of the talks will be held in the Junior Common Room in the Peterson Student Center, except a few talks perhaps in the Senior Common Room (see the SF14 Location page for more information). All morning talks will begin at 9:30. Since questions are encouraged during the review talks we expect these to take longer than a typical seminar — we will take a 15 minute break about 45 minutes into the review. The review talks should finish up by 11:15 allowing time for informal discussion before lunch.
After lunch, we will begin at 1:00 with two technical talks of roughly 30 minutes each, and including time for discussion these should be done by 2:30. The short talks and directed discussion sessions begin at 3:00 and go on till the participants are exhausted (hopefully this will happen around 5:00 or so).
Following the practice established in SF99, there will typically be no talks on Wednesdays and Fridays will be half-days (morning only).

Week 1 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 7 Chris Sheehy (Results from BICEP2) Nick Hand (CMB/Galaxy Lensing Cross-Correlation) Gabrielle Simard (Delensing CMB Polarization Maps) Discussion/Student Intros
Tue, July 8 Lindsey Bleem (SPT and Clusters) Paul Ricker (Galaxies in Cluster Environments) Discussion
Thu, July 10 Steve Myers (Jansky VLA Sky Survey) Patrick Breysse (CO Intensity Mapping at z~3) Geza Gyuk (High Energy Gamma Ray Cosmological Results) Short Talks
Fri, July 11 Danny Jacobs (21cm Review/Results) N/A
Week 2 Morning Review Technical Talk 1 Technical Talk 2 Directed Discussion/Machine Gun Talks
Mon, July 14 Chris Miller (Clusters Review) Camille Avestruz (Cluster Observations vs. Simulations) Morag Scrimgeour (Testing LCDM with Peculiar Velocities) Student Intros
Tue, July 15 David Cline (Dark Matter Detection Current Status) Rahul Biswas (Neutrinos) Marilena Loverde (Neutrinos and LSS) Arka Banerjee (Cosmological Simulations with Neutrinos/WDM)
Thu, July 17 Florian Beutler (Baryon Acoustic Oscillations) Ross O’Connell (Covariance Matrices for BOSS) Zarija Lukic (Ly-alpha Forest) Short Takls (Chiang, Petri, Miller)
Fri, July 18 Aparna Venkatesan (The Cosmological Role of Dwarf Galaxies) N/A
Week 3 Morning 1 Morning 2 Afternoon 1 Afternoon 2
Mon, July 21 Salman Habib (LSST Introduction) Simon Krughoff (LSST Simulations Overview) Jim Bosch (Introduction to Algorithms) Student Intros
Tue, July 22 Simon Krughoff (Hands-on: Image Simulation and Data Reduction) Jim Bosch (Hands-on: Adding on to LSST Algorithms) Simon/Jim One-on-One Alex Kim (LSST Sn)
Thu, July 24 Mark Lacy (Radio/LSST) Martin White (Zel’dovich Approximation) Mark Neyrinck (Origami Approximation) + Dale Frail (ZTF as LSST precursor) Short Talks (Adhikari, Chen, Kratochvil)
Fri, July 25 Sergei Shandarin (Lagrangian Space) Joanne Cohn (Galaxies) N/A