Housing is available at the St. John’s campus. Housing costs for the participants will be heavily subsidized. Units for family groups (on a first come first served basis) as well as single participants are available. We cannot support hotel costs since these tend to be rather high during the tourist season.
There are three types of housing available at St. John’s: Suite (shared accommodation / 5 rooms + common room / 5 people per suite), Apartment (2 bedroom with kitchen, appropriate for families), and Dorms (single/double, largely for students). The housing agreement with St. John’s includes lunch per week-day for each individual (plus dinner for students).
There will be some off-campus accommodation available, under Casitas below. Arrival and departure dates will be the same as on-campus housing.
Rates: Independently of where they are staying, we hope to keep the costs for senior participants to $175/room/week. Examples: A family using a 2-bedroom apartment pays $350/week, a single participant in a suite room pays $175/week, two participants sharing a 2-bedroom apartment pay $175/week each, etc. The student rates will be $100/week (includes a paid daily lunch and dinner). The rates are not final, but should be approximately correct.
Upon arriving, participants will be able to obtain the keys for their housing from the switchboard at the Peterson Student Center. People arriving on Sunday can check in between 8:00 am and 12:00 midnight. However, rooms will NOT be ready before 2:00 pm. The individual information packets for participants will not be available at the Switchboard until the rooms are ready. If you are arriving late, note that the switchboard is manned 24 hours, but that Peterson is locked at midnight. If arriving later than this, call 505 984 6000 (switchboard) to let them know you are there or on the way. If, for some reason, you cannot phone, when on campus look for a security guard and ask for help. You can also enter Peterson through the exterior Coffee Shop door and use the campus phone on the west wall to call the switchboard by dialing “0”. Someone will then let you in to get your workshop packet from the switchboard. If you think you may arrive after 12:00 am, please let us know (email sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov). Arrivals Monday through Friday 9.00 am to 6.00 pm should go to the Conference Services office in the Arroyo Room, on the lower level of the Peterson Student Center, next to the Security Office, and below the Dining Hall, #4 on the main campus map.
The dates will be rigid since the housing situation is usually very tight. Stays are (strictly) defined by the following: Week 1 (ArrivalĀ 12 July – Departure 18 July), and Week 2 (Arrival 19 July – DepartureĀ 25 July). Multiple-week stays are perfectly acceptable and encouraged.
Participants: Please check the housing list when it appears below, in case of any problems, please contact us (sf12[at]lists.mcs.anl.gov).

Week 1 Week 2
Apartment 1
Katrin Heitmann/Salman Habib Katrin Heitmann/Salman Habib
Apartment 2
Savvas Koushiappas & family Chris Carilli & family
Apartment 3
Rahul Biswas/Zarija Lukic Dale Frail & family
Apartment 4
Hal Finkel Daniel Jacobs & family
Apartment 5
Juliana Kwan/Amol Upadhye Juliana Kwan/Amol Upadhye
Apartment 6
Suzanne Staggs & family Lindsay King/Miyoung Choi


Week 1 Week 2
Suite 1 (Male)
Mark Neyrinck Mark Neyrinck
Mehmet Alpaslan Mehmet Alpaslan
Sebastian Bocquet Sebastian Bocquet
Wentao Luo Wentao Luo
Steven Myers Steven Myers
Suite 2 (Male)
Nan Li Nan Li
Nikhil Padmanabhan Nikhil Padmanabhan
Adrian Pope Adrian Pope
Marcel Schmittfull
Steve Rangel Steve Rangel
Suite (Female)
Hillary Child Hillary Child
Sara Crandall Sara Crandall
Doyeon Kim Doyeon Kim
Yinghe Lu Yinghe Lu
Camille Avestruz Camille Avestruz

Dorm Rooms (Male)

Week 1 Week 2
Simone Aiola Simone Aiola
Arun Jayaraman Arun Jayaraman
Henry Gebhardt Henry Gebhardt
Dritan Kodra Dritan Kodra
Danila Korytov Danila Korytov
Marius Lungo Marius Lungo
Fernando Salviatto Zago Fernando Salviatto Zago
Sukhdeep Singh Sukhdeep Singh
Antonio Villarreal Antonio Villarreal
Di Wen Di Wen
Tsung-Han Yeh Tsung-Han Yeh
JD Emberson Joseph Coleman
Wang Kei Wong Gareth Jones
Brandyn Lee
Jonathan Ward
Matthew Kolopanis
Jonathan Woodbury

Dorm Rooms (Female)

Week 1 Week 2
Tomomi Sunayama Tomomi Sunayama
Kara Ponder Kara Ponder
Annie Preston

The casita check-in time is 3.00 pm and the manager requests that people not show up before 2.00 pm. Everyone staying in the casitas should check out the Chapelle Street Casitas website for contact information and directions.
Driving Directions from Albuquerque to the Office:
1. Take I-25 north to 3rd Santa Fe exit (St. Francis Drive)
2. Take St. Francis Drive northwest for about 3 miles to Cerrillos Road.
3. Take a right onto Cerrillos Road and go to the next light and turn left onto Guadalupe St.
4. Go north on Guadalupe for a little over 1/2 mile.
5. You will cross the next three streets just before reaching McKenzie St. West Alameda – West San Francisco – Johnson St.
6. McKenzie and Jefferson Streets turn right off of McKenzie, just north of Johnson St.
7. Go one block to Chapelle St.
8. Casa del Toro is on the northeast corner of McKenzie and Chaplle at 229 McKenzie St.
9. The main entrance is located on the Chapelle St. side of the bed and breakfast.

Name Dates Accommodation